Welcome to ‘Stories In Your Pocket’

My name is Mike Jackson and I enjoy writing short stories and some of them are very short! Stories can, of course, be any length. Ernest Hemingway made famous the idea of telling a story in six words with – ‘For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn’.

The writing of very short stories comes under many different headings today. You will hear such stories described as – Flash Fiction; Micro Stories; Sudden Fiction; Hint Fiction; Twitter Fiction; Smoke Long and much more.

I do my best to experiment with them all.

Where to go next?

  • Discover more about me.
  • Read some of my published stories.
  • Read some of my latest stories and thoughts on my blog.
  • Read some  ‘Drabbles‘ – 100-word stories.
  • Read slightly longer pieces in the flash fiction section.
  • Explore the poetry section.  You will see I especially like writing Haiku.
  • Find out more about ‘Goodeyedeers’.    This is an adventure I’m presently undertaking with a fellow retiree David Horner – a children’s poet. Between us, we are creating some tremendous teaching resources which we sell through TES Resources. The money we make from this venture goes to a local charity called MedEquip4Kids.

Tuesday Scribes

I enjoy getting inspiration from various writing prompts available through different blogs and I know other writers do as well. With this in mind, I decided to start my own – it is called Tuesday Scribes.

Every Tuesday I put up a black and white photo as the writing prompt and set a writing challenge to go with it. I’m aiming to make the challenge different each week. Why not give it a go?


Let me know what you think and ‘Happy Browsing’.


I look forward to reading your comments

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