April Writing Challenge – Dialogue Only

A new month brings you new writing challenges. On her blog, ‘Doing The Write Thing’ Sonia has set a challenge for April. The idea is to write a story using only dialogue, no speech marks, no description.

My Husband Is A Waste Of Time!

Good morning ……..

Don’t you ‘good morning’ me! It had been a perfectly good day until you turned up on my doorstep. I don’t know how you’ve got the nerve to stand there. If you think I’m letting you in, think again.

But ……..

But, but! What do you mean but? I suppose you are going to come out with some trite statement like, ‘But I didn’t mean to hurt you my dear’ or ‘But I couldn’t help myself.’ You are such a poor excuse for a man. Your trouble is that what ever you had for a brain is dominated by that thing in your trousers!

If only …….

Don’t you give me any of your ‘if only’. What you’re really thinking is  how much easier life would have been if only you hadn’t got caught. What really hurt was the shame. I mean the whole village knows what a tart she is and that she’s young enough to be your daughter. Have you any idea how difficult your indiscretions have made my life? I hardly dare show myself at the Ladies Bridge Club and the whole of the Women’s Institute are talking about you.

Well ………..

Well! Do I look well? I haven’t slept properly in weeks and the doctor has had to double my medication. The shame of it all has reduced me to a mere shadow of my former self. What have you got to say for yourself now? Come on man, say something, for goodness sake.

Actually madam I think you may have got me mixed up with someone else. I’m here to fix your washing machine.

Oh! Wait a minute while I find my glasses. Oh yes, you’re not that weasel-faced excuse of a husband. Please come in. The washer is down there in the kitchen. No you are definitely not my husband, you are much more handsome and considerably younger. Tell me, are you married? A girlfriend perhaps …….




  1. Sonia M.

    I love the twist at the end. I kept thinking that this poor guy was probably better off on his own. What a nag his wife is. I definitely got a laugh out of the end. Well done conveying the story in just dialogue. *thumbs up* 😀


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