The Trouble With Text Messages – (April Challenge)

As I mentioned in my last post Sonia, on her blog, ‘Doing The Write Thing’ has set a challenge for April. The idea is to write a story using only dialogue, no speech marks, no description. She said that it could be a texting conversation ……..

The Trouble With Text Messages

Hi mum. Hope ur feelN wel. cn u plz snd sum £. tnx

Dear Mark. I am afraid i did not understand your last message. It is taking me quite a while to get used to this texting thing. I am still not sure that i understand addictive text. Have you settled in alright. I must work out how to do question marks. This message is taking me an age to write. It would have been quicker to phone. Do you need any money. Love mum xxx

Mum. plz rng. nd £ stat. tnx

Hello Mark. You will be pleased to hear that i’ve worked out how to insert punctuation marks, including question marks! Did you like that exclamation mark? Unfortunately i still find your messages a complete mystery. I showed your gran, but she’s no idea either. Your dad thinks you are probably sending them after you’ve had one or two pints too many. I hope you aren’t drinking too much? Do you need any money? ps how do you do capital letters? Love mum xxx

Mum. nstrife. nd £ ASAP posbL. tnx.

Mark. You must stop sending me messages when you are drunk. They make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Do you need any money? Love mum xxx

cmng. hom  satdy. nd £. Rriving on 18 zug. cn dad pik me ^. tnx.

Hello Mark. Mrs. B. next door has shown me how to do capital letters. I showed her your messages but she didn’t understand them. I think that she thinks you are on drugs or something. You’re not are you? As you seem to be OK for money your Dad and I have decided to splash out on a six-week cruise. We are leaving early Saturday morning. I will text you when I get back. I don’t think I will be able to do it on the ship I’m sure our BT contract doesn’t work abroad. Love Mum xxx



  1. Sonia M.

    Fntsk! I mean…fantastic. I love how well differentiated the voices were. Definitely kept me laughing. I was a little worried that the kid was in some kind of legal trouble and needed the money for that. So nicely done!


    1. Mike

      Many thanks for your kind words Sonia.
      I enjoyed writing this piece, though I had to do some research! I’m not a great fan or user of mobile phones so had to use a translator (found on the internet) to turn normal English in to text speak!


    1. Mike

      Thanks for dropping by Mo.
      Glad you enjoyed this short story. I had fun writing it.
      Sonia’s April Challenge is both interesting & fun. I hope you have a go with it.


    1. Mike

      So glad you enjoyed it.
      I had great fun writing this one.
      As for the generation thing – I just kept thinking of my two sons, both ‘Digital Natives’ & their old dad a “Digital Immigrant’


    1. Mike

      Thanks for dropping by.
      I’m glad you liked this short story.
      I love technology but hate mobile phones – not quite sure why.
      When I do text it takes me for ever!


    1. Mike

      Hi Renee.
      Glad you liked this one.
      Maybe a communication issue in as much as youngsters want everything done quickly & that includes communicating with one another. Why say ‘thank you’ when ‘tnx’ will suffice?


    1. Mike

      Glad to see you back.
      I’ve missed your comments – hope you are feeling much better.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this piece – I had great fun writing it, though, as I said in a previous reply I had to research ‘text speak’.
      Using this site helped.


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