The Last Man On Earth

Another contribution to this week’s writing challenge from ‘Inspiration Monday’. The prompt was ‘The last man on earth.

The Last Man On Earth

Apparently I’m the last man on earth. It would appear that some kind of virus has wiped out mankind, well mankind minus me. There had been dire warnings about this virus but nobody took a lot of notice, we’d heard it all before. This one, however, was for real. It was frightening how quickly it happened. You would be walking down the street when you literally saw people drop down dead in front of you.

That was two months ago now. Since then I’ve travelled around much of Europe. The same scene wherever you go, lots of dead bodies and an almost eerie silence.

I’ve no idea why the virus left me alone, lucky I suppose, or unlucky, depends how you look at it. I used to believe in God. I sometimes thought he was a bit harsh and at times I found it difficult to explain God’s reasoning in letting atrocities happen, but now, I’m no longer sure. I’ve got so many unanswered questions. I mean if there is a God then why this? Why has he spared me? What am I supposed to do? Even Adam had Eve, I’ve got nobody.

Keeping myself alive is easy, there’s no shortage of food and drink and I can live wherever I like. The problem is the loneliness. There are only so many conversations you can have with yourself. Every now and again I think I catch a glimpse of someone else in the shadows but there’s never anyone there, just my imagination yearning for the impossible.

In desperation I’ve started talking to God again. In the old days it was something I did privately, either in church or at home. Now I do it out loud. Once I used to be reverential now I tell him what I really think and I don’t hold back on the bad language. I just wish he would talk back to me.

I visit all the churches of all denominations, you name it I’ve been there. I’m working on the theory that he has got exist in one of them, surely. I reckon that at least one of those religions has got to have got it right.

Once or twice, when the isolation really gets to me, I’ve been tempted to end it all. At those darkest times I feel as if I’m losing my mind completely. Then I stop and realize that if I go, if I give up, then that’s it, the end of the human race. I can’t let that happen.

So I’ve got no choice really. I’ve started leaving notes in each of the churches that I visit just in case God drops by when I’m not there. I’m hoping that he’s going to give me a sign soon, let me in on his grand plan. There has to be a plan surely? I can’t just be the last man on earth. Can I?




  1. Seth@ChaosHQ's

    Just making it a point to stop by your page and give you a friendly reminder that weekends are all about R & R for the most part. So, here’s hoping that you get the opportunity to just sit back and relax… Cheers Mike!
    …. Now that I have found this page of yours, I will be back to certainly read more. Quite the creative mind you have.


    1. Mike

      Thanks for dropping by Seth.
      This sort stories site of mine is slowly but surely taking over my life and I’m really enjoying it.
      I hope you enjoyed ay stories that you read.
      The weekend here in the UK is looking good – blue skies & sunshine. I will be relaxing by writing some more short stories.


  2. Steve Green

    I have always been a fan of the “Lone survivor” type of story and film, and the various takes on their predicament. I have heard it said of religions that “Someone must have it right” I don’t know the truth of it either, but this guy is going to cover all the bases isn’t he?

    Do you have any inclination to write a follow on from this Mike?


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