Whispers From The Casket (Two Challenges One Story)

I thought I might cheat and try to meet two challenges in one go. So the prompt from Stephanie’s Inspiration Monday challenge is ‘Whispers from the casket’ and Sonia at Doing The Write Thing has set an April challenge of a story consisting of just dialogue. In this piece there are two people having a conversation …. or are there?

Whispers From The Casket

“As you can see sir we have put you uncle in one of our budget caskets as you requested.”

“Great. It’s more than he deserves mind you, the old skinflint. Look at him lying there in his best suit with that smug look on his face.”

We do our best sir to make the departed look as presentable as possible, especially for loved ones like yourself that want to come and pay their last respects.”

“I’m not here to pay my last respects! I’ve just come to make sure the old bugger is really dead.”

“Sorry sir. What was that you were trying to say?”

“I was just saying I hadn’t come to pay my last respects.”

“No not you sir, your uncle. I’m sure I heard a whisper from the casket.”

“Are you joking? He’s dead. How can he be ‘whispering’?”

“I’m sorry sir. Silly of me.  Now if we could just finalise the funeral arrangements.”

“What was that you said?”

“I was just asking about the funeral arrangements sir.”

“No not you. Him, my uncle. I’m sure I heard him whispering something.”

“Most unusual sir. Maybe I should contact someone to check that he really is dead?”

“No need for that. Think of all the fuss that will cause. No, best if you just screw the lid on now. I’m sure that will stop any whispering. Now we will only need one car, and maybe skip the hymns, we don’t want to drag this thing out. He is being cremated isn’t he?”




    1. Mike

      Thanks for dropping by.
      Glad you enjoyed this short piece/
      I was trying to write a longer, more serious story around this prompt when this popped into my head.


  1. Sonia M.

    I love how you combined 2 challenges into 1 piece! I will have to try that out myself. I also agree with Selena: evilly funny. 😀 I kept hearing the undertaker’s voice as Lon Chaney.


    1. Mike

      Thank you for your comments, vey kind of you.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this piece – as I’ve said above I had great fun writing it.
      I understand you’ve just started a blog – on my way to have a look.


    1. Mike

      Glad you liked it Kay and thanks for your kind words.
      I sometimes wonder how thin the line is separating a sick mind from a sense of humour! I suppose you need to be able to see humour in all situations, especially the more macabre.


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