The Magic Of The Fairground

Something I’ve not tried, writing a story from a picture prompt. This picture prompt is from Ken’s blog ‘Fictional Campfire’  (Picture courtesy of Christine Zenino – Flickr)

The Magic Of The Fairground

“How’s it going Nellie, everything OK back there?”

“Can’t grumble. Mind you this going round and round and these bright lights is bringing on one of my migraines.”

“Never mind love, this is the last ride of the night, then we can all have a well earned rest.”

“Thank goodness for that. It’s been one of those days today. Did you see that disgusting family who got on earlier. You had the boy on you and I got lumbered with the mother.”

“Oh I remember him alright. He kept dripping his ice cream down my mane and kicking me to try and make me go faster. Horrible child!”

“You think he was bad, you should have tried the mother. That lady was seriously overweight. My back is still hurting now. There ought to be a weight restriction on these rides.”

“Mind you that’s nothing to a ride I gave yesterday. Did you see her? Little girl, red dress, blond hair, looked as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Soon as we started off she began crying. By the time we’d been round twice she was screaming fit to burst. They had to stop the ride to let her off. Of course it was too late for me by then she’d already wet her pants. I could feel it trickling down my back and legs, and the smell!”

“I know. I sometimes wonder why we do it. It’s the late night shifts I hate most. When those spotty teenagers come for a ride clinging on to their candy floss and cans of lager.”

“Don’t get me started on the youth of today Nellie. Did you see that young girl who climbed on Nobby tonight. Drunk as a Lord she was. What she was trying to do with his pole is anybody’s guess, fair made me blush it did.”

“I hear we’ve got a newcomer. He’s just behind you in the middle. A replacement for old Dobbin.”

“Poor old Dobbin, he should have been retired ages ago instead of waiting until the woodworm was so bad that both his back legs just fell off like they did. So what have we got in his place. Some nice new handsome stallion I hope?”

“Not quite. It’s a pig. In fact it’s a bright orange pig.”

“A pig! Mind you I shouldn’t really be surprised. It’s the modern age, youngsters nowadays want something gimmicky like a pig or a hen to ride on instead of traditional, majestic beasts like us. At last there go the lights. We’ve finished for the night. I hear we’ve got an early start tomorrow, we’re off to Basingstoke.”

“Oh good I like Basingstoke. Last time we were there it rained the whole week. It was so quiet, it was lovely.”

“Got anything planned for tonight?”

“I don’t think so love. Quiet night in probably. Mind you if I could get this pole out of my back I would be off and away you wouldn’t see me for dust.”



  1. Indigo Spider

    OK, I have to say, you stole a bit of my thunder! I thought about starting picture prompt challenges and had it all set up to launch this Sunday (May 8th)… hmmm…. reading my mind are you Mike?

    I like the story of course. Sweet, love the idea of the carousel horses thoughts. Also, love the idea that the pole is all that is keeping them there, lends a touch of sadness along with the whimsy.

    By the way, I assume candy floss is what us Yanks call cotton candy?


  2. Mike

    Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the story.
    Blame Ken, not me, it was his prompt – his ‘Sunday Snaps’. I am just intrigued with the number of prompts there are around at the moment – I’m so busy trying to respond to them all I don’t have time to set any of my own!
    I hope you are going to go ahead with yours – I’ll be looking out for it on Sunday.
    Like you I assume candy floss & cotton candy are both the same – pink, sticky, fluffy stuff on a stick, very sweet & messy!


    1. Indigo Spider

      Ah, yes, same stuff as I suspected. I heard it twice today in the span of an hour, must be on people’s mind over on that side of the world 🙂

      I am still going ahead with it this Sunday. Depending on the popularity I may make it weekly. I have not checked out Ken’s, is there a link to his site? I would like to check it out, didn’t realize someone was doing it already.


  3. KenBroad

    Mike where do you come up with your ideas? Interesting to think that there might be a world we know nothing about happening right under our … well you get the idea. Thank for taking up the challenge.


    1. Mike

      Thank you for your comments Ken and thank you for the challenge. When I first posted it I realised I’d overdone the word count by 23 words so had to go back in and change it – now it’s exactly on 500 words!
      I just put the ideas down to the great prompts & challenges coming from people like yourself.


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