A story for this week’s ‘Inspiration Monday’ writing prompts:


Please don’t look at me like that. Have you any idea what it’s like to be so completely in love? When I’m with her everything is wonderful, I feel so alive. Our moments apart were pure agony for me. I felt as if I was being starved of the very essence of life.

I can see from your eyes that you don’t believe me. But don’t you see it was because our love was so pure, so wonderful that I had to do it. I knew that neither of us could really be happy if we weren’t together. We were meant for each other.

You still can’t see it can you? What was I to do? I couldn’t just let her go. She said she no longer loved me and there was someone else, but that couldn’t be. Can’t you understand? That was not possible, I loved her too much for that to happen.

I know what going on inside your head now, you think it was a crime of passion don’t you? I couldn’t bear to let her go, we argued, things got out of hand, I picked up the hammer and not knowing what I was doing I bludgeoned her to death.

But your wrong. I always knew exactly what I would do to her if she ever broke my heart.



    1. Mike

      I didn’t really have a clear picture of the ‘other person’ but I must say I like your idea of him persuading a friend to help him dispose of the body. Would the friend do it?


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