‘Writer’s Block’ – my first attempt at poetry

I thought I might try something completely new for me – a poem! Many of you talented poets out there might look at this and say, “OK so where’s the poem?” In which case I will then describe this as a short story written in short, uneven lines.

Writer’s Block

The words have just stopped, 
dried up, ceased to exist
fizzled out.
Is this it I wonder?
Are my days as a writer over?
 Maybe I tried too hard,
over mined the limited deposits
stored deep in my subconscious.
 It appears that the rich vein
I thought I had discovered 
was, in some way, flawed.
The nuggets, gems and pearls of wisdom
which I imagined would last forever,
 now gone.
So that’s it, the dream is shattered.
No great literary heights for me.
No need to look for that agent
who was going to negotiate the blockbuster deal
and arrange the worldwide book tour.
The fictional ink is fast drying up,
 before it disappears forever,
I want to leave you with these wor……………….



    1. Mike

      Thank you for your kind words Trevor. I’m glad you liked my first attempt.
      The trouble is that now that both you & Pen enjoyed my attempted poetry means I’m going to have to try another one!


I look forward to reading your comments

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