A poem for Inspiration Monday called ‘True Love Hurts’

A poem for one of this week’s writing prompts from ‘Inspiration Monday’. The prompt is ‘Silence followed’

True Love Hurts

She screamed at him.
Letting the whole world know
just how much she hated him,
loathed his very existence.
She  paused,
trying to catch her breath,
fighting back the tears.
Passers by slowed to listen,
wanting to stand and watch,
keen to see what was going to happen next.
Had she more to say?
How would he respond?
Once their love had been all-consuming.
She had adored him, he her.
She would have done anything for him.
He had his faults
but she didn’t mind,
he was always so sorry,
promising that this was the last time.
She always believed him.
She always forgave him.
But this time it was different.
He had tested her patience
and her love once too often,
this time she could not forgive.
He had destroyed their love.
He stood there looking blankly at her
not knowing what to say,
what to do.
The gathering crowd were watching,
waiting for the end.
Would he fight back?
They hoped not.
They were on her side,
eager for her to deliver that killer punch,
then walk away, head held high.
When she pulled the gun from her bag
there was a collective gasp from the crowd.
Someone screamed “No!”
but it was too late.
There was no going back,
he had hurt her too much,
there was no other way.
The gun exploded in her hand.
She fell,
fatally wounded.
Silence followed.



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