It Wasn’t My Fault – A poem for Inspiration Monday

A poem in response to the fantastic writing prompts this week from ‘Inspiration Monday’. This time I’ve got the right prompt, ‘My Dad never looks at me.’

It Wasn’t My Fault

It wasn’t my fault but
I still get the blame.
I’m the youngest of three
and came into the world
at a price.

The doctor’s said they
could only save one of us.

Dad wanted mum,
mum chose me.
George is the eldest,
the clever one.
He’s bound for Oxford
and success.
Dad is so proud,
his eyes light up
when George is around.

Then there’s Suzie,
beautiful Suzie,
the spitting image of mum.
She can do no wrong,
Dad’s favourite,
his eyes sparkle
when Suzie is around.

Then there’s me.
I’m the youngest,
not particularly clever,
certainly not beautiful.
Because of me
our mum is dead.
They don’t mean to blame me but
Dad’s eyes look elsewhere
when I’m around.

He just can’t forgive me.

Mike Jackson©2011


  1. bekindrewrite

    “dad chose mum, mum chose me”

    I agree with Pen – both unjust and understandable. Sad most of all.

    I noticed you left the actual prompt out – on purpose, I’m betting. : )

    Great work.


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