Grandad’s Boots

I’ve just come across a great poetry blog called dVerse. On their I found a challenge to write a poem using ‘shoes’ as your inspiration. So here goes:

Grandad’s Boots

As a young child I watched
as you lovingly polished
those old boots.
A little polish,
plenty of spit
and even more elbow grease.
When you finished we’d stand back
and proudly admire them.
You told me that I should be able
to see my reflection in them,
but I never did.
As I look at them now,
stood in the corner, sparkling,
it’s your face I see shining out.
They wanted to bury you in your boots
but I said no.
I couldn’t bear to let them go,
to lose your face staring back at me
every time I give them a spit and polish.




I look forward to reading your comments

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