Who Is In Control?

Never quite sure if publishing two posts in one day is a good idea? But, eh, who cares.

Who Is In Control?

The days when you were in control
of your TV are long gone.
When the power of the remote control
lay in your hands.
You chose what you watched,
flicked from one channel to another,
watching what took your fancy.
The ability to switch it off
and do something else
a forgotten memory.
Now the TV controls you.
HD, 3D, flat screen.
It is the master of the living room,
it stalks the kitchen and
is ever-present in every bedroom.
It greets you in the morning with news
you’d rather not know about,
enticing you to buy things you know
you don’t need.
Over breakfast it reminds you
to hurry home, a heavy schedule
is planned for tonight.
At work it dominates you conversation
as you spend all your spare time
discussing what you saw or
missed last night.
When you return home
it is waiting for you.
Ready to seduce you
into a feeling of false relaxation,
taking you to its version of reality.
It stares at you in the bedroom
daring you to ignore it and fall asleep.
When you do eventually drop off
its sounds and pictures
invade your dreams.
In the early hours it also rests,
preparing itself for another day
controlling your life.



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