What’s On At The Local Pub?

I sat in the coffee shop looking at the pub across the road that seemed to be trying all sorts to get customers, there was a hint of desperation in the notices. I came up with this:

Our Local

What’s on?
Tuesday night,
‘Quiz Nite’
Two for one
on drinks
and food.

What’s on?
Wednesday night,
‘Live Psychic’
Free drinks
for you and
a loved one.

What’s on?
Thursday night,
“Egyptian Evening’
Belly Dancer
free food,
please come.

What’s on
Friday night
‘Live Football’
Free drinks,
free food,
anyone coming?

What’s on?
Saturday night.
‘Auction Event’
For sale,
empty pub,
any takers?



  1. scribbla

    Hehehhe… just a little surprised the psychic evening didn’t see anyone pitching ahead of time. Funny write – I like it. And yet I’m not laughing too hard because it seems to be a harsh reality of the times. Ah, the conflicted emotions.


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