Confessional Haikus

I was inspired to write these three Haiku poems after I saw the prompt on ‘Haiku Heights’ – the prompt was ‘confession’.

Confessional box
allows me to be pardoned –
free to sin again.

Confessing his crime
the killer sought forgiveness –
God gave it some thought.

They said it was him,
but he hadn’t done anything.
He confessed anyway.


Also shared on dVerse Open Link Night


    1. Mike

      Thank you for dropping by.
      So glad you enjoyed them.
      I great question – no guilt. therefore no need to confess?
      Why, I wonder, do some people feel so much more guilt than others?


  1. Claudia

    confession and forgiveness are powerful forces and i think i will never fully understand…some may take it lightly as you state in your first haiku…free to sin again…for me it means free to live again when otherwise i would die somewhere in the dark..
    i like how you took three different examples and had a close “look” with your words…


  2. Joe Hesch

    Love the form and how you must cut and polish your thoughts down down down to a brilliant little diamond. Haiku is how I started writing poetry and I still do one or two haiku/senryu every day. You have the right stuff for this form, which can only help you in the rest of your writing. Well done, Mike!


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