Water Haikus

At the moment I feel pleasantly lost – I’ve no idea where my writing is going and that’s fun. Much to my surprise I’ve found myself experimenting with poetry and thoroughly enjoying it – so I’ve decided to have a go at some Haiku. As always I welcome your comments.

Murky grey skies
rain clouds waiting to attack –
Summer holidays!

New dress wringing wet
unexpected Summer storm –
umbrella at home.

The parched, arid land
cries out for life-giving rain –
prayer goes unanswered.


I’ve been inspired by some great blogs – Haiku My Heart and Haiku Heights where you will find links to some great Haiku poems.


  1. rebecca

    welcome to haiku my heart, mike, so glad you found us. can you hear the thunder and taste the rain that is falling all around me as i savor your haiku?

    yes, truly….
    i do!

    please rejoin us early friday and meet a slew of word lovers….and rain for that matter.


  2. Margaret

    You are definitely a poet, Mike, and a haiku one at that! Your water imagery is so evocative; I can feel the vacationers’ disappointment, the woman’s distress, the arid landscape’s despair… Welcome to Haiku My Heart and hope to see you back this Friday!


I look forward to reading your comments

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