Etheree Poems – Trying Something New

I came across a form of poetry called Etheree at ‘Poetic Bloomings’ and thought I would have a go. It is 10 lines of unmetered and unrhymed verse. The fist line is made up of one syllable, the second line two syllables, the third three and so on. I have used two of the prompts from ‘Inspiration Monday’ as themes for these poems.

Never Forget

they are there,
every move,
noted and checked,
one unguarded moment,
one foolish word out of place
will be enough to make them act,
to appear suddenly in the night.
You will cease to exist – a forgotten name.


told me
to worry
not, tomorrow
is another day,
a chance to start again.
I wish it was that simple,
you may forgive me with your words
but the hurt in your eyes betrays you.
For me there cannot be a tomorrow.



  1. scribbla

    Both are very striking. I like the darkness that runs through them. First one is an ominous sign of our times that only seems to worsen. The second one’s strong voice makes it super.


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