Early Morning Sun – An Etheree Poem

I’m grateful to ‘The Sunday Whirl’ blog where I found this wordle prompt – the idea is to use all the words in your piece of writing. I thought I would attempt a poem in  the Etheree format. It is 10 lines of unmetered and unrhymed verse. The fist line is made up of one syllable, the second line two syllables, the third three and so on.

sun’s tender
first rays squeeze through
old rusty railings
onto a cement wall
a city parchment crawling with
notes left by graffiti prophets,
blazing shards of light sweep across their
late night artistry, scars of tormented minds.


Also shared with dVerse Pets Club


  1. Traci B

    Fantastic use of the wordle, Mike; welcome to the group! I love ‘graffiti prophets;” so very descriptive, as is everything about this poem. I live in suburbia, but I’ve lived in urban settings in the past, and I could see the scene you share with us here.


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