Two Sedoka – ‘Unwanted’ & ‘Love Letters’

hidden from my dad
behind big, sloppy jumpers
my unwanted pregnancy
helpless unborn child
unloved, hidden from the world
who will be your saviour


tied with blue ribbons
bundles of old love letters
long ago kisses still attached
as I close my eyes
I feel your sweet lips on mine
death cannot steal my memories


I love coming across different forms of poetry. Amanda in her blog, ‘iblogmoore’ has an interesting page about different poetry forms. It was here that I came across ‘Sedoka’ – an old obscure form of Japanese poetry. It is an unrhymed poem made of two 3 lined ‘katauta’ with syllable counts 5-7-7, 5-7-7. A sedoka is a pair of katauta as a single poem. As well as being a single poem the two katauta should be able to stand alone.

Shared with Poets United.


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