Haiku – Bullseye

Haiku Heights September challenge – day 22 – prompt ‘Bullseye’

bullseye gobstoppers
mums favourite childhood sweet –
kept me quiet for hours


victim in his sight
Cupid lets fly his arrow –
your heart his bullseye


pollen collector
aims for the flowers bullseye –
honeymaker busy



  1. kaykuala

    All the 3 are beautiful haiku. A satisfied child, Cupid struck it right and a busy bee. It runs the whole gamut of a growing individual from childhood to adult. Fascinating!



  2. siggiofmaine

    Bullseye gobstoppers…
    Love it…”Bullseye gobstoppers”…such a ring to the pair of words.
    Enjoyed the other two, also, but the phrase “bullseye gobbstoppers”
    will have to be worked into my conversations for a while !
    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine


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