‘The Cane’ – An Etheree For dVerse Poets

two, three,
four, five, six
times the cane struck
his bloodied raw back,
tormented screams muffled
through a tightly gagged mouth
justice should be seen to be done
the guilty must be punished, lessons learnt
lessons must be learnt, the guilty punished
his crime – simply being who he was
an outsider, not one of them,
firm examples must be set,
a clear message sent out,
the cane cuts the air
as the lesson
eight …..


Shared with dVerse Poets – Form For All


  1. Gay Reiser Cannon

    I think it must have pre-dated the Romans but they took public torture and gave it without charge to the religion they reluctantly claimed – and it has endured in schools and public squares to the present day. Probably most of the time the victim was not guilty or not any more guilty than any one else…girls–witches, children–possessed by devils, strangers–vile by virtue of their differences. Tacit approval for pogroms, holocausts, mass government murders. How artfully you managed this in your gigantic few lines. Excellent work. Thank you for writing and linking.


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