Trying Something New

Up until now the posts on this blog have always been short stories or poems. Starting this week I’ve decided to include a series of posts linked to some of my more random thoughts. On a Monday I will be posting ‘What I Discovered Last Week’ where I’ll be looking back over the previous week and sharing ideas I might have picked up. Whereas on a Wednesday I shall be writing about watching people in a post called, ‘Views From The Coffee Shop’. So here we go.

What I Discovered Last Week

Have you ever thought just how much we learn day in day out, sometimes purposely and sometimes almost by accident. I thought I would use my blog to chart some of the different things I learn each week. So what happened to me last week?

The Kindle – I came across a really interesting podcast called ‘The Kindle Chronicles’ by Len Edgerly. It is broadcast every Friday and so far there have been over 180 episodes. At the moment I’ve managed to listen to just four of them. If you are a Kindle owner then this is a podcast well worth listening to with some interesting interviews, facts and tips.

One thing that has struck me so far is the fact Amazon have organised the lending and borrowing of Kindle books. However this is only happening in America. I wonder if Amazon have plans to bring this idea to the UK?

Twitter – this is something I use, but not as well as I feel I should do. I’ve just finished reading a great book by Nicola Morgan called ‘Tweet Right’. This has its of straightforward advice on how best to use Twitter. The appendix also has a one list of people you might want to follow.

Seth Godin – someone has just pointed me in the direction of a new book of Seth Godin’s called ‘Poke The Box’. The following quote from Seth gives an idea of what this book is about:

“Conformity used to be crucial–fitting in, not standing out. Compliance used to be the heart of every successful organization, every successful career. The reason? We all worked for the system, in the factory, doing what we were told. Now, though, compliance is no longer a competitive advantage.

Poke the Box is about the spark that brings things to life. We need to be nudged away from conformity and toward ingenuity, toward answering unknown questions for ourselves. Even if we fail, as I have done many times in my life, we learn what not to do by experience and doing the new.

This isn’t the same thing as taking a risk. In fact, the riskiest thing we can do right now is nothing.”

This has made me wonder what it is that I’m not risking to do? Some of those ideas I had about the things I was going to do in retirement are still no more than ‘ideas’.  Maybe it’s time for me to poke my box.


I look forward to reading your comments

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