3 New Things I Discovered Last Week

The second of my Monday posts where I share some of the things I discovered in the last week. One of the problems/joys of being retired is that it takes me longer to remember just what I’ve done in the last seven days. When I was working I knew my diary inside out and was constantly having to remember any number of things. Now that I no longer have to do that I think my brain might be getting lazy. If I’m going to make this Monday blog post work I need to start keeping a journal. This is something I’ve tried before but never kept up.

So what have I discovered this week?

iTunes U – I’ve always known about iTunes U but never really taken that much notice of it. To me it always seemed very university based. I’ve now discovered that there is an iTunes U app for my iPad. This gives me a bookshelf, just like iBooks, in which to store my iTunes U downloads.

I’ve also discovered that there are a great number of courses out there on iTunes U which are more relevant than I first thought and most of them are free. I’ve just downloaded a writing course from Warwick University called ‘Writing Challenges’ which leads you through a series of creative writing challenges. There is also one called ‘Writing Creatively:Poetry’ which is from the Open University

Podcasting – I’m continuing my journey of listening to different podcasts. Last week I talked about The Kindle Chronicles. This week I’ve also started listening to TWIT  – iPad Today. It is presented by Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane. It gives you lots of fascinating news and updates about the iPad.

Again there are a number of writing podcasts which I’ve found but haven’t listened to yet. I found that listening to the podcasts from my iPod is great fun when I’m out walking on my own.

iBooks Author – This is a new app for the mac and it’s free. It allows you to create your own interactive books which can then be put on iBooks. This could have a tremendous impact on schools as more and more text books become interactive.  I’m wondering how it might be used by writers?

If you know of any interesting podcasts I ought to be listening to or can suggest some iTunes U courses please let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

I look forward to reading your comments

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