Man Flu …..

I’m not feeling particularly well at the moment. My wife insists that it is no more than a cold. I know, from experience, that it is more serious than that because it’s ‘Man Flu’.

To prove the point I have dragged myself off my sick sofa to do some research. Wikipedia says, “Man flu is a pejorative term that refers to the idea that when many men have a cold they exaggerate and claim that they have flu – the implication being that women do not do so.” Not particularly helpful and I wonder if it might have been written by a woman?

Something more conclusive was found in a Telegraph article from March 2010 which said, “Man flu is not a myth, claim scientists, who found men suffer more because they invest in their spirit of adventure at the expense of their immune system.” That sounds more like it!

I then found that there are web sites out there to help victims of Man flu and give advice to carers. I also found this YouTube video very reassuring. I am going to direct my wife to both – but I might wait until I’m feeling a little better.


  1. benzeknees

    This is so true LOL! Why are most men such babies?! Man + sick = whiny. Man + pain = groaning. The last time my husband caught a cold, the words “Can you not be the least bit stoic?” came out of my mouth at one point. Loved the clip!


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