I’ve just discovered that ‘Haiku Heights’ has set a challenge to write a haiku each day of April. A little late, but here goes. The prompt for today is ‘doubt’.  The first two follow the 3-5-3 syllable format, the others the more traditional 5-7-5 syllabi format.

you promised
it would be OK –
didn’t you?

footsteps down the aisle –
big mistake


the whispers of doubt
are quietened by his presence –
but they will return

the look in her eyes
highlights his uncertainty –
seeds of doubt well sown

he stared at the gun
doubting her resolve to fire –
a foolish mistake



    1. siggiofmaine

      PS…the laugh, pardon me if my remark was offensive, was that I KNEW she’d shoot,
      and one should never doubt someone would shoot a gun. Your ending was so perfect in my eyes.
      I apologize if my comment was inappropriate…I got thinking about it and thought, OMg, what a thing for me to say.
      Siggi in Downeast Maine


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