‘Deadly Games’ – Five Sentence Fiction

I’ve just discovered ‘Five Sentence Fiction’ over at Lillie McFerrin’s wonderful blog, so thought I’d give it a go. The prompt for this week is ‘Pirates’.

Deadly Games

“I’m only playing if I can have the eye-patch,” said Jonah.
“Count me in,” grinned Abel, “but I’m having the stuffed parrot.”
My friends both looked at me.
“I’m OK,” I said, “I’ve got my own wooden leg.”
A legacy from the last time the boys played on this dangerous beach.



  1. J.M. Blackman

    I read this several times. But every time that last line was like a sucker punch. I love it. It’s all very simplistic, but that makes it all the more impacting. Really has a dark edge that’s quite creepy. Great work.


    1. Mike

      Many thanks for your comments.
      I looked at some of the other 5SF pieces and wondered if it was too short but thought that by ‘padding it out’ I would maybe lose that childlike simplicity.
      Glad you liked it.


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