Something New – A Different Sort Of Writing

I was recently asked to post some thoughts about education and technology on to a friend’s blog. This is giving me an opportunity to try some writing that is not ‘short stories’. As a writer I just enjoy writing. Please have a look and let me know what you think.

Seth Godin talks about ‘shipping’. By this he means that it’s no good having an idea, or writing a story or article if you don’t do something with it. You’ll never know how good it might be unless you ‘ship’ it. So these different blog posts are another way of me ‘shipping’ my writing and ideas.

The latest post is entitled ‘Information Overload’ and was partly inspired by this great photo and quote.

Photo courtesy of Will Lion

My three posts to date have been:

Information Overload – your mobile phone probably knows more than you.
Only 15% Of Learning Happens In School – where does the other 85% take place?
Finger Painting – David Hockney uses his iPhone & iPad as sketch pads.

I reckon that any one of these might make an interesting prompt for a short story!


I look forward to reading your comments

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