‘The End’ – A Story For Five Sentence Fiction

The prompt this week for ‘Five Sentence Fiction’ is simply ‘Ending’

The End

All eyes had been on her as the judge passed sentence. The evil deeds, so publicly dissected during the trial, left only one possible punishment. There were no drawn out appeals or pleas for clemency, she’d just wanted an end to it all. Finally the day came and she was led to a wooden chair opposite a large glass window, separating the two rooms. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she watched her son jerk uncontrollably as the electric current shot through his young body.



  1. josie2shoes

    This was excellent writing! We think we know what is happening and that we are walking with the condemned man, only to discover in the end that we are instead the poor mother who must bear witness to his fate. A shocking jolt of reality!


  2. Pat Cegan

    I can not think of a worse fate for a mother. Others need not blame her for, as mothers, we always blame ourselves for the failings of our children. I bow to the writer for catching this moment so superbly hugs, pat.


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