Just Jump! – First VisDare of 2013

A new and improved Visual Dare for 2013. Another great photo prompt and a new word count of 150 words. So here goes – my first VisDare of 2013.

159596380516524470_HVf2sgb9_cJust Jump!

Hello sir, have you come to rescue me? Oh, you haven’t. No sir, I quite understand, it was entirely my own fault. What was that? My broomstick? It malfunctioned sir, that’s how I ended up on this ledge. Where is it? Well sir, I was trying to fix it but the spell went amiss and it changed into this umbrella. No, you’re right sir, I really should’ve paid more attention in your lessons and I promise I will in the future, once I get down. What’s that sir? You want me to jump?  Are you sure sir? It looks a bit dangerous. Use the flying spell. Of course sir, why didn’t I think of that. I don’t suppose you could remind me of the words. No, I thought not, silly of me to ask really. I’ll just jump sir, hopefully the words will come to me before I hit the ground.



  1. Angela Goff (@Angela_Goff)

    Lighthearted and whimsical, but with an undercurrent of mounting anxiety building throughout. I’m pretty sure my students would say that this is how they feel walking into one of my semester exams (poor things)! I would like to know how the pupil fares with his “leap of faith.” 🙂


    1. Mike

      Thank you for your kind words. Funnily enough I have recently been thinking of going down the self publishing/Kindle road with a collection of short stories. Watch this space.


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