Out Of The Dark Into The ……….

I imagined someone being drawn to the light and safety when I saw this prompt from Angela over at Visual Dare. Here is my 150 word, dialogue only, story.

Photo Source
Photo Source

The Light And Freedom

“What’s happening Jones?”

“The subject has reached the steps, sir.”

“Excellent! Does he know what’s going on?”

“No sir. The chip we inserted yesterday has re-programmed his brain. He believes he’s a resistance fighter making a bid for freedom. He’s convinced that, once above ground, he’ll be able to organise help to save his friends back here.”

“Poor, deluded fool. Incidentally, does he have any friends?”

“None sir, that’s why we chose him.”

“What about any family?”

“They’ve been eliminated sir. As have all his records. Peter Livingstone never, officially, existed.”

“Excellent! What next?”

“He’ll reach the surface in the next twenty minutes. We’ve attached probes to his body which will send us the information we need. If he’s still alive in 24 hours we can assume the surface is safe and we can activate the next stage of the operation.”

“Fine job Jones. Keep me informed of the outcome.”


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  1. Angela Goff (@Angela_Goff)

    WOAH. I’m with Sarah!! I need to know what happens here. This has all the markings of a great sci-fi tale, complete with a character whose identity and connections have been erased – but for how long? And how deeply? So many unanswered questions. Love this!!!


  2. Sarah

    This piece works really well with just the dialogue. I can imagine them talking in a safe underground bunker viewing Peter’s progress on a grainy black and white monitor! I’t great when you can add your own thoughts to someone else’s writing….


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