Some Things Are Best Forgotten – A Story For Trifecta

Another interesting challenge from Trifecta. The word this week is ‘DWELL’ and the third definition is:
a) to keep the attention directed – used with on or upon – ‘tried not to dwell on my fears’
b) to speak or write insistently – used with on or upon  -‘reporters dwelling on the latest scandal’

 Some Things Are Best Forgotten

“I can’t help but dwell on it Jimmy. I wish I was more like you and could let things go but it’s just not me. I’m sorry mate but I’m going to have to tell someone.”

“Calm down Billy. You’re problem is, you worry too much. It’s nearly two months. I’m telling you we’re in the clear. Nobody’s ever going to make the connection.”

“But I can’t get her face out of my head. I wake up every night, sweat pouring from me. Night after night I relive what you did to her Jimmy. I can’t go on like this. It’s driving me mad.”

“You’re going to have to learn to live with it mate. I think you’re forgetting, I was doing you a favour. It was you who’d got her pregnant, not me.”

“Yeah but I didn’t mean for you to go and …..”

“Hang on there, I don’t remember you saying much at the time. Too concerned then about what your Pauline would say if she found out and she would’ve too, if it hadn’t been for me. That silly cow you’d taken up with was all for telling her everything, or had you forgotten?”

“I know all that but it’s not helping me. I’ve decided. I’m going to the police. Explain everything. I’ve no choice Jimmy. Sorry.”


Billy Anderson’s body was found in a clearing in the local woods, only feet from where, two months earlier, the body of Mandy Phillips had been discovered. The police found a note in Billy’s pocket confessing to her murder.

His best friend, James Smith, told them that Billy had been disturbed about something for a while, though he had no idea what. Forensics put it down as a suicide and the coroner concurred.

Jimmy, never one to dwell on things, sleeps soundly.


If you want to see how others interpreted this prompt, click here – ‘Trifecta: Week Sixty-Four’



  1. steph

    Grisly. Murder rates as one of the top causes of death for pregnant women. I think Billy should have read the book on how to identify a psychopath. Good story.. gruesome, but good!


  2. SBhealy (@SBhealy)

    Okay, a nice dark tale. Let’s put away the bon-bons and create a mystery. You did it well. I knew what was coming, but I couldn’t stop reading it anyway. I enjoyed this one very much.

    Since WordPress will only let me post via twitter or fb, neither of which invite you to read my take on this prompt (also on the dark side), I’m leaving you the link. I hope you’ll stop by sometime and give it a read it. I’d appreciate the feedback


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