Trifecta Challenge – ‘A Tight Squeeze’

This week’s Trifecta word is ‘EXHAUST’ and the third definition is:
3a : to consider or discuss (a subject) thoroughly or completely
b: to try out the whole number of ‘exhausted all possibilities’

A Tight Squeeze

“Are you sure about this Sammy? I wouldn’t like us to leave here and find out you’d got things wrong. You understand what I’m saying?”

“I understand boss. Trust me I’ve done everything. I’ve gone out of my way to exhaust all possibilities. There’s no way he’s going to get out of this one.”

“If he does Sammy, then I’m going to be real angry and someone will have to pay. You know who that someone will be, don’t you Sammy?”

“Yes boss. Don’t worry, nothing can go wrong. The coffin’s ready, the crematorium booked. The boys will be along to put it in the hearse, as soon as we’ve gone. He ain’t going to get away this time.”

Jimmy Smith sat in the attic space listening to the conversation going on below him. He was glad he’d taken the precaution of coming along early. As soon as Sammy had invited him to this meet he guessed there was something wrong. Apart from anything else, Sammy had been far too friendly.

Dropping quietly out of the ceiling, Jimmy caught Sammy and his boss completely unawares. The look of surprise on their faces was finished off with a bullet hole between the eyes.

Jimmy’s only concern was whether he’d get both bodies into the one coffin. It would be a tight squeeze, but he’d manage.


Click here – Trifecta:Week Sixty-Five – and see how others got on.



  1. atrm61

    Tee!Hee!Just what the Doc ordered for me this week-loved this one totally-Sammy & his Boss got their just desserts-you dig a hole for someone,you fall in it…..-err-get a coffin for someone ,you get stuffed in that yourself,lol!


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