Cat & Dog

This picture prompt from Five Sentence Fiction made me wonder what the dog was so worried about.

Photo Source

Just A Quick Word …. If I May

Just a word to the wise big boy. You’re probably thinking you’re something special around here, what with all the attention and fuss they’re giving you but it’s only because you’re new. Before you go getting any fancy ideas I need to let you know I’m the boss in this establishment and you’d do best to remember that. This chair, it’s mine, so is that rug in front of the fire and don’t even think about drinking out of my bowl in the kitchen. Glad we got the chance for this little chat, have a nice day.



  1. Josie Two Shoes

    Being owned by four cats, I think this is purrrfect… a cat must always explain the rules to the dog, which is well known to be the lesser species, despite it size. Great post, definitely a smile generator! I have indeed known houses where cats ruled the roost and the dogs knew better than to mess with them!


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