Snails For Lunch

Snails. That’s what this week’s great photo prompt from Angela at Visual Dare is all about, along with the word ‘Whimsy’. So here goes with a short, whimsical story.

Photo Source
Photo Source

Snails For Lunch

“Children don’t get too close. Jimmy Smith, stop doing that. Mandy Thompson, get away from there at once.”

“But Miss, I only wanted to touch one. They look so cute.”

“Silly child! They may look harmless but I’m telling you my girl, they can be extremely dangerous. It’s a good job there’s a deep moat between them and us, though I’m surprised the zoo haven’t put up a fence to keep them back.”

“But Miss, look he’s smiling at us. I think he wants to play. He’s probably lonely.”

“Lonely he may be but you’re not to go any closer. According to this sign on his enclosure he’s a male human from a place called France and in their natural habitat they like to eat ……… Oh my God! Everybody, get back here.”

“Why Miss? What’s the matter?”

“His favourite food …… it’s snails, boiled snails!”



  1. The Writers Village

    What a great reversal on this picture. Love the idea of being at the zoo; and having to look through the other end of the telescope in order to make sense of the story.

    You did a great job; the dialogue was cute. And the twist at the end was perfect.


  2. Abigail

    Oh my! This is so cute! I love this piece! And the twist was really a surprise! I enjoyed reading this ^^ hahah I can just read it again and again 🙂


    1. Mike

      Many thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      As soon as I saw the prompt I kept wondering what the snails were thinking. Then my past life as a teacher kicked in and I could imagine a snail school party at the zoo.


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