Old Foggy

A very late entry into this week’s Trifecta challenge, I didn’t think I was going to make it. The word we had to use this time was ‘Infect’. Let me know what you think of my story.

Old Foggy

We all thought he was amazing. A bit like some crazy mosquito, buzzing here, there and everywhere, never still. He had this weird ability to infect you with a large dose of his enthusiasm whenever you came into contact with him. Didn’t matter how lousy you were feeling, ten minutes in the presence of old Foggy and you came away ready to try anything. There was no doubting the fact that Mr. Foggerty was the best teacher in our school, probably in the Universe. Which is why none of us could understand what happened.

We reckon it was the fault of those school inspectors we had in school last month. Rumour has it they didn’t like his style of teaching. Wasn’t following government guidelines or something. The fact that us kids loved the stories he told, the way he made boring lessons come alive, didn’t seem to count for anything. Next thing we heard, he was off sick, something to do with stress. None of us were sure when he’d be back.

School’s closed today. The Head thought it was the proper thing to do under the circumstances. It’s amazing how many people are here. So many they’ve had to put these big loudspeakers outside. I’m one of the lucky ones. What with being in the school choir I’ve a reserved seat at the front. Mind you I’m not sure how good our singing is going to be.

Everyone stands as old Foggy comes in. His coffin is being carried in by some of our teachers. The Head stands up and talks about what a great teacher he was. Some of the older kids read poems and bits from the bible. Nobody mentions the fact that he killed himself. Hung himself up with an old belt in his garage. I want to stand up and ask why …….. but don’t have the courage.



  1. siggiofmaine

    How sad, but how true to life. I like this very much for touching on so many aspects of life,
    including the last “I want to stand up and ask why …….. but don’t have the courage.”
    It speaks to many of us, I am guessing, but I know it speaks to me.


  2. atrm61

    Remarkably narrated.Just goes to show that all “happy” or “positive” people are not always so & even though they may seem unbreakable,they too have their breaking points.Sad that the world is so full of less people like him & more like those boring,”rule-bound” inspectors-I also hope this is only fiction & not a true incident.Well done:-)


  3. Pb

    “He had this weird ability to infect you with a large dose of his enthusiasm whenever you came into contact with him.”

    True of all the best teachers, in my experience.

    Wonderful piece, honest and true and well-written.


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