The Open Door

The prompt for this week’s Trifecta Challenge was the word door.

The Open Door

It should have been a straightforward job, a quick in and out. This was a simple exercise, one I’d undertaken many times. As a Level 2 Mind Interrogator my task was to enter the suspects mind, rummage around for any material deemed relevant to the investigation and then leave. It was that simple… usually.

Today, someone had messed up and messed up big time. It shouldn’t have been open. The regulations clearly state that all potentially hazardous parts of a suspects mind are cordoned off before we go in. As soon as I entered his mind I sensed there was a problem. Then I saw it, the door to his soul was wide open.

Apparently they got me out as soon as they realised there was a problem but it was too late. I’d inadvertently looked in through the open door, peered into the heart of this man’s soul.

For three days they didn’t think I’d pull through. Now, two months later, I’ve finally left hospital. They say they’ve done everything they can, now it’s just a question of time. The specialists reckon my chances of making a full recovery are slim.

It’s the lack of sleep that’s the biggest problem. They’ve given me tablets but I dare not take them. It’s when I close my eyes that it all comes flooding back, everything in his soul suddenly fills my head, it’s unbearable.

They tried to get me to talk about it, share these visions, they thought it would help. The trouble is every time I try to put into words what I saw everything comes out jumbled up.

I can tell you don’t believe me, it’s in your eyes. If you’re ready I can show you, I can tell you what I saw, what lives within a man’s soul. Are you ready for this?

“When I peered through that open door, nnjky ghtyuin fky slfy rtehn iith ……..”



  1. Draug419

    I spent a moment trying to determine if that last line was scrambled or in code. For all I know, it could be. Maybe I should look into the soul and then I might know too…


    1. Mike

      Funny enough, I did think of putting the jumbled letters into some sort of code ……. but then I couldn’t think of anything clever enough so didn’t.
      Soul searching might have been the answer.


  2. Surly Temple

    Really cool idea, and I loved the ending. It made me wonder if the character was going insane, or suddenly speaking in the language of souls…lots of possibilities. It was a tight story, beginning to end!


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