Trifextra Challenge – 33 Word Poem

Writing poetry is not something I usually do but I thought I’d have a go for this weekend’s Trifextra challenge. We had to choose 3 words from ‘topple, paradigm, underneath, nerve, honey, loop’ to go into our 33 word piece. I chose ‘underneath, nerve & honey’.

Go on,
I dare you!
Thought as much,
you haven’t
got the nerve.
Underneath that
sweet, sickly,
honey smile,
you’re a cunning,
heartless, bitch,
but even you
wouldn’t pull that trigger.
Would you?



  1. penpusherpen

    Oh yes I would… BANG!!! as the gun topples from my now careless grip… You dared me….so there, I just felt reality slip…!! (I never could resist a dare!!) (an’ who’re you calling a bitch? 😉 ) xx


      1. Mike

        I was a little worried at just how much you were enjoying yourself Pen!
        Now, about this misunderstanding over the word ‘bitch’ …….


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