‘Sometimes, You Don’t Need To Know’ – A 150 word Story For Visual Dare

Recently Angela is finding some creepy photos as prompts for her weekly Visual Dare challenge. This one, was no exception. As usual, part of the challenge for me was trimming my original draft down to 150 words.


Sometimes, You Don’t Need To Know

“Why are we doing this at night Sean? We usually bury them during the day.”

“This is one of the special ones Sammy. These have to be disposed off quickly and quietly, no fuss, no mourners, no preachers. That’s what the Council have decided.”

“Why Sean? What’s wrong with them?”

“Best you don’t ask mate.”

“Come on Sean, you can’t leave it like that. I’m out here in the middle of the night, secretly helping you bury dead people. I’ve got a right to know.”

“Let it go Sammy!”

“Sorry Sean. You either tell me or I’m off.”

Reluctantly Sean broke open part of the coffin lid, just enough for Sammy to peer inside.


Sammy Johnson was never the same again. When they took him away, wrapped up tight in a straight jacket, nobody asked why.


Sean has a new lad working for him now. One who doesn’t ask questions.



I look forward to reading your comments

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