‘Please Don’t Go’ – A 150 Word Story For Visual Dare

Another wonderful photo prompt this week from Angela at Visual Dare. Here is my contribution. 150 words exactly.


Please Don’t Go

What the hell are they doing? Look at them!  Dancing and cavorting, like cheap whores, not a care in the world.

They’ve never done anything like this before, well not all together. Once or twice I’ve seen one, maybe two of them, out playing, exploring but never anything this audacious.

I’ve tried telling them to stop. I used my sternest voice, demanding they get back home straight away but they took no notice. I even think one or two of the older ones were actually laughing at me but I can’t be sure.

It’s their silence that is unnerving me. They’re usually so talkative, often all at once. I normally have trouble getting a word in edgeways. My greatest fear is they may be leaving for good.

I hope to God I’m wrong. Who on earth will I have to talk to if the voices in my head desert me?



I look forward to reading your comments

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