‘The Club’ – A Story For Trifecta

This week’s word from Trifecta is ‘Club’

The Club

I didn’t want to go but Jenny was keen and I was keen on Jenny, so we went. She was so excited, it was all I could do to keep up with her, as we hurried along the dimly lit, back streets.

“Where are we going Jen?” I asked in a futile attempt to slow her down.

“You’ll see,” she said, quickening her pace, “It’s not far. Oh Mark I’m so glad you agreed to help me. I’ve been trying to get into this club for months.”

I wasn’t sure how exactly I’d been helpful but if that’s what she thought, who was I to disagree. As we turned the corner, into a secluded alleyway, she stopped in front of a large black door.

“This is it Mark! I’m so excited, aren’t you?”

To be honest I was far from it but before I could say so, Jen started pounding on the door. Nothing happened.

“Come on Jen, let’s leave. We’ve obviously got the wrong night. It’s all closed up. Let’s see if we can find somewhere else. I know a place just ……”

My words were interrupted as the massive door swung open.

“Good evening Miss Jefferson. Please come in, everyone is waiting for you and do bring your guest.”

Jen grabbed my hand and dragged me in. I was about to ask what was happening when I felt a sharp scratch to my neck, everything went black.


“CUT! Well done everyone, that was fantastic. Penny, sweetie, you were divine, absolutely divine. Peter darling, I want you to work on being a little more scared. Remember your lovely Jenny has lured you to this club as part of her initiation ceremony. When you come too, it’s to find she’s about to slit you open, cut out your heart and drink your blood. That’s what I want you to dream about tonight darling. Right everybody, back here at six in the morning, we’ve got a busy day’s filming ahead of us.”



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