‘Time To Move On’ – A 33 Word Story For Trifecta

The prompt for this weekend’s Trifecta challenge is to write a piece, 33 words long, including the words – water, ring, stage.

Time To Move On

Her words had a ring of truth about them. Their marriage had staggered to that stage of no return. Time to move on, he thought, as he held her head under the water.



  1. Jo-Anne Teal (@jtvancouver)

    Mike – the matter of fact statements in your micro-story a truly creepy quality! Between this and your wonderful “They’re Coming” Trifecta story, it’s obvious that you are discovering your skill with writing about the undercurrent in the human psyche. Carry on!!


  2. LaTonya M. Baldwin

    The tone and act are so incredibly detached and staggering. I’ll never understand what snaps that a partner would kill when s/he could easily leave the relationship. What creates that kind of violence? Well done.


  3. Scriptor Obscura

    ! Wow. I wasn’t expecting that! The matter of factness makes it all the more chilling, the coolly casual way he just says it like its nothing to him. Hope he spends a hell of a long time in jail for this.


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