‘He’s Not One Of Us’ – A Story For Trifecta

The prompt for this week’s Trifecta challenge is the word ‘BRAND’

He’s Not One Of Us

“Picked this one up on the street boss. Strange thing is he never tried to fight or run away, he just stood there, all still and quiet like.”

“What brand is he wearing? Is he someone of importance? Someone worth holding to ransom?”

“That’s the strange thing boss, he’s got no brand, nothing. It’s not like he’s tried to remove it or hide it, it just aint there. We can find no trace that he’s ever been branded.”

“Don’t be stupid Smith, everyone’s got a brand, it’s the law. Without a brand you wouldn’t last ten minutes out there. What’s he saying?”

“You’re not going to believe this boss but he reckons he’s a time traveller. Says he came here by mistake and can’t get back because his machines broken or something. Mind you, the way he’s dressed, it could possibly be true.”

“We haven’t got time to find out Smith. We’re going to need all the men we can get hold of before night falls. Brand him and tell him he’s one of us now. Then make sure he’s armed and ready ……. and Smith, when the fighting starts, send him out first.”



  1. steph

    Send him out first – made me laugh….I hope you at least partially intended that. I enjoyed it, Mike. Good take on the prompt. That’s one way to spot a time traveller – no brand.


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