‘Just Tidying Up’ – A Story For Trifecta

This week’s story for Trifecta had to have the word ‘ass’ in it as in ‘jack-as, smart-ass, dumb-as etc. I went for ‘jack-ass’

Just Tidying Up

“Glad you’re here Captain, we’ve got a right jack-ass in Cell 14. Done nothing but bang on the door and shout since the snatch squad brought him in.”

“What’s he been shouting corporal?”

“Same old stuff sir, over and over again, something about his human rights and didn’t we know who he was. As if we cared. Far as I knew those in Cell 14 had no rights and were there for only one reason.”

“And that reason is corporal?”

“To die sir. Anyone brought in by the snatch squad has been identified as an enemy to the state. We lock them up for an hour. The IT geeks clear all knowledge of them from our data banks, then we dispose of the body.”

“Excellent corporal! That’s exactly what we do. We don’t ask questions, we just do our job. By the way, did he say who he was?”

“Yes sir. Said his name was Cameron, sir, David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain. Is that right Captain? Is that who he is?”

“As I said corporal, we don’t ask questions, we just do the job expected of us. Let me know when everything is completed, there are people upstairs keen to see this one tidied up.”



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