‘Are You Ready?’ – A Story For Trifecta

The prompt for this week’s Trifecta challenge is to write a story between 33 – 333 words using the word ‘craft’. To make things a little more difficult it had to be this definition –

skill in deceiving to gain an end (used craft and guile to close the deal)

Are You Ready?

You need a bucketful of craft and cunning in this game or you’ll not last the day. Though I say so myself and trust me I’m not being vain, I’m one of the best. When it comes to tracking down the right sort of person, I’m good, very good.

What’s that, you don’t believe me. Oh, trust me my friend, you soon will. I’m thorough you see, not like some of these young fly by nights. I do my research and I do it methodically. No cutting corners with me.

Take yourself, for example, I know everything about you, absolutely everything. Where you live, your job, names of friends and family, where you hang out at weekends, everything. Go on, ask me a question, anything you like.

No, I didn’t think so. You know I’m right don’t you. I can tell by that look in your eyes. You’re coming to accept the reality of the situation aren’t you. Knew you would. They always do.

I’ll make it quick. Wish I could tell you it will be painless but that would be a lie, it’s going to hurt like hell. Good thing is it won’t last too long.

Once I’ve infiltrated your body I’ll head straight for your mind. Then, when I’ve taken control, your pain will be over.

Are you ready?




I look forward to reading your comments

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