‘My Dearest Dr. Jekyll’ – A Story For Trifecta

This week’s prompt from Trifecta is to weave the word ‘companion’ into a story.


My Dearest Dr. Jekyll,

I hear, from mutual acquaintances, my friend, that you are far from well and I blame myself. I feel that my demands upon your good self may have damaged you more than I realised.

We are so alike you and I, despite our more obvious differences. I envy you that inner core of goodness you cling to and at the same time it repulses me. Likewise I sense you have moments when you wish you could be more like me and yet you have such a strong urge to fight these feelings.

At first I believed my evilness would make a worthy companion to your natural goodness, alas it turns out they make poor bed fellows. Instead, your constant desire to change me, to mould me into a likeness of your good self, something I could never allow, has done much damage to our relationship.

It is therefore incumbent upon me to put an end to this unholy partnership. So my dear friend, it is, with regret, that I must announce a parting of the ways. From this day forward the kindly, honest and naïve Dr. Henry Jekyll will cease to exist and I, Edward Hyde, will take over his life, completely.

Farewell my friend.

Edward Hyde



  1. KymmInBarcelona

    Man, would I freak getting a letter like that. Kinda leaves Hyde wide open though, doesn’t it?
    Or he has that kinda faith in Hyde’s goodness. Still, quite the risk taker!
    Chuckle, chuckle, anyway!


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