One Writer’s Random Thoughts – ‘Where Do You Get Your Writing Ideas From?’

My aim is to write a weekly post, every Wednesday, related to ‘Writing & Writers’. The first one, last Wednesday, looked at ‘Self Publishing’. Today I’m looking at ‘Writing Ideas’. I look forward to your comments.

Where do you get your writing ideas from? I don’t know about you but I’m always on the look out for new ways of telling stories, or different ideas for inspiration.


I’ve got some ideas in my head on how I might use ‘Crazy Talk’ and ‘VideoScribe’ to tell a story. More of those ideas in future posts.

Poetry is something I dabble in, though not very well!

My youngest son Martin, a great young, modern poet, (I can say that as I’m his Dad and am allowed to be biased!) was telling me about an intriguing prompt for a poem.

Just randomly write down the titles of books on your bookshelves, intersperse a few words in between and see what you end up with.

Here’s what I came up with.

Scribbled thoughts on
The Back Of The Napkin
Arouse in me a fresh desire,
A Passion For Excellence
At long last
My Brain Rules my heart,
There is an urge to
Awaken The Giant Within
No longer willing to merely
Blunder through life,
Afraid to dream,
Always ready to
Ignore Everybody
I now realise
Why We Make Mistakes
So my new mantra is
Screw Work Let’s Play

For a much better example visit Janet Reid’s blog.



I look forward to reading your comments

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