‘Where Is Your Audience?’ – One Writer’s Random Thoughts

Do you know who your audience is, or where it is?
Does it matter?

brand-storytellingAs a writer I see myself as a storyteller. As a teller of tales I often wonder who exactly it is out there, listening – if indeed anybody is listening at all!

When I put a story on this blog, wordpress give me statistics regarding daily views, some readers are even kind enough to leave comments. When I read a story out at the Writer’s Group I go to, I can actually see the ‘whites of the eyes’ of my audience.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with two different ways of finding new audiences:

1. Coffee Shop Stories – I have been writing a number of short stories, about 700 – 800 words, just enough for two sides of A4. I print them out on card, laminate them and then leave them on the tables of a couple of coffee shops.

The staff are great and very kind and will always tell me that, when I’m not there, customers are always reading them and saying how much they enjoy the different stories. I’m not sure if they are just being nice to me!

Then, two weeks ago, it happened! I was in my favourite coffee shop, notebook open, when a lady, a complete stranger, came across to me and said, “Are you the writer? I love your stories.” That made my day!

I’m now writing more Coffee Shop Stories because I know I’ve got at least one person who enjoys them.

2. Haiku Deck – This is an interesting app on my iPad that allows me to create and publish presentations. These can either sit on the Haiku Deck site and/or be sent to SlideShare.

Last week are published a presentation called ‘Twitter Fiction’ and it has 20 of my Twitter stories on it. In three days on SlideShare it has had 54 views and on Haiku Deck, 83 views. To a certain extent, the numbers are insignificant, what is more important is that I’ve found a new audience. I’m thinking of following this up with a presentation including some of my Haiku.

The people at Haiku Deck like have featured it in their gallery.

If you have any interesting ways of sharing your work with an audience, I’d love to hear about them.


    1. Mike

      Thanks for the comments Adrian.
      Just been looking at the link to ‘hitrecord’ it looks intriguing. I’m going to join and am thinking of contributing a couple of dialogue stores I’ve written. Looks like a fun site.


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