Come On Over



The great wall tipped in razor wire, the turrets filled with trigger happy soldiers – all gone. Today, all that divides us is this simple wooden fence, you on one side, me on the other. I can’t see you but I know you’re there. I can almost feel you willing me to climb over and join you. I won’t of course, I haven’t the courage. Horror stories about what you do over there are stuck in my head, I can’t dislodge them. I know deep down they can’t be true but just suppose, for a minute, that they were.


My contribution to this week’s prompt from Friday Fictioneers.


    1. Mike

      Many thanks for your comments Jan.
      You are right, we don ‘t need physical fences, our prejudices and fears will often do a much better job of dividing us.


  1. elappleby

    Fabulous – the idea that the huge wall was no longer needed because fear alone would separate them. Great stuff (although I really really want to know what they do on the other side that’s so bad!)


    1. Mike

      Knowing it’s an illusion is one thing; truly believing it’s an illusion is something much more difficult to achieve.
      Thanks for your comments Björn.


  2. patriciaruthsusan

    Mike, A good story with thoughts to ponder about waht separates us as people. The people on the other side are probably pretty much the same with the same fears. It takes just a few people to put the fear to flight but those few are sometimes hard to find. Well written. 🙂 —Susan


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