New Neighbours

We tried to tell him, the new chap next door but he just laughed. Insisted he wanted to be at one with nature. I can hear him now going on about taking the fence down at the bottom of his garden, the one between him and the forest.

We told him it wasn’t a good idea, warned him about the ‘Things’ but he wouldn’t listen.

He took it down that Saturday afternoon and they came later that night. Woke up next morning and number 25 was deserted.

We’ve put the fence back. Hopefully, the next newcomers will listen to us.


My 100-word story for this week’s challenge from ‘Light & Shade’ The prompt was –‘Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.’ GK Chesterton.


  1. Thomas Marlowe

    I’m beginning to worry about forests and fences. This is a sensible thing to worry about. I loved the simplicity of the ending – number 25 was empty and up went the fence again… I hope the next lot have more sense.


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