‘The Mentor’ – The Speakeasy #165

The Mentor

The two voices in my head were getting louder, the arguments more intense. I could picture the bloody battle going on inside of me and I couldn’t do a thing to help. My good friend, my voice of reason, was losing. I could feel it’s life force ebbing away. The other voice, the one that scared, me was in the ascendancy.

“You failed me again John,” it screamed, “That’s the second time this month. You know what I do to those who fail me, don’t you John?”

A tiny voice in the recess of my brain was pleading with me to hang on in there.

“I can’t!” I cried, “We gave it everything, but it wasn’t enough. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t weep like that John, such a sign of weakness. Don’t be like him, you’re better than that. Now is the time to take heart. We have a new beginning, you and I. No more interference, no uncertainty creeping into your head. From now on it’s just the two of us John, you and me and we’re destined to do great things. Trust me my friend, I won’t let you down.”

As I sunk to my knees I felt a calmness surround me. My head stopped aching.The warring voices had ceased their arguing. Now there was just that lone voice. Everything was much quieter, more reassuring. As he talked through the plans he had for us both I could feel it all beginning to make sense. Why had I ever doubted him.

His soothing words of encouragement lulled me to sleep. That night I dreamt of our adventures together, the great things we were going to achieve. Between us we would become a legend in our own time. My name, with his help, would be written into the history books.

I awoke, refreshed and raring to go. He reined in my enthusiasm, pointing out the need for a careful approach and meticulous planning. I smiled, with such a mentor, I couldn’t fail. We spent that day and the following night busily preparing for the first of the many adventures he had planned for me.

As the sun rose he whispered,

“Are you ready John? Now’s a new dawn, a new day. It’s time to go out there and find a new life, someone young and beautiful my friend, just like we talked about.  Then bring her back here. I’ll be waiting for you John. I’ll be ready.”



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