The Punishment


We were forced to our knees in front of the oozing puss hanging from the slender twig. The pair of us had known that, if caught, this would be our fate.

Someone carefully cut the twig and held the pulsating gung above me. I felt it gently plop on to the top of my head.

Sensing human flesh it quickly spread out, sliding down my face and neck, searching for a way in. I knew I only had minutes left before this creature had complete control of my mind.

I used that time to dream of how things might have been.


100 Word story for Friday Fictioneers


  1. sustainabilitea

    So disgusting! Reminds me of how we used to have someone shut their eyes, then put a fist gently on their head, slap the top with our other open hand, then run our hands down the hair to mimic and egg breaking. Of course, yours is much, much worse, but…



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